The Anatomy of 

What’s going on with the baby?

is best for your baby.
We all know it.

Fortunately, there is abundant support for new mothers by lactation specialists in hospitals and in the community. Sometimes, though, after all of the best advice, Mom and baby are still struggling. Once Mom has proper technique, then we need to look at the BABY. There can be structural imbalances in the baby’s cranium, neck, spine, muscles and underlying systems that are preventing him from being able to nurse properly. These issues can be corrected through various forms of gentle and very specific bodywork.

This course is for the lactation consultant who recognises the problem and wants to learn more about the cause. This course is for the chiropractor or body worker who wants to become a specialist and learn skills to correct the problem. This course is for the parents who want to educate themselves about their baby’s health and development.

This course is for everyone who supports breastfeeding and values the future of our children.

What we provide to you

Why breastmilk is the best choice for both parent and baby

Structural, dural and muscular anatomy to explain clinical findings

Neurological & Developmental implications

Case studies, clinical applications, and Evidence Based research

Tethered Oral Tissues- Ties

Learn about complimentary care to make informed referrals

World Health and Birth/ Breastfeeding Disparities

Loaded with practice management tips

anatomy of breastfeeding the good life learning


The Anatomy of Breastfeeding

For Lactation Consultants and Integrated Professionals


Designed to be

Have you ever felt like the money you spent for your CE credits was not valuable or, even worse, a waste of your precious time? You either didn’t learn anything new, or the material just wasn’t applicable to your daily practice? We all have had that experience.

This course is designed to be PRACTICAL– to give you a coherent understanding and not just theory or disconnected listings. Whether you chose our live workshops or a virtual class, we will walk you through real life anatomy and show how all of the pieces effect the whole. Our goal is to provide you with skills that you can immediately start to use in your practice.

Let’s face it… private practice can be hard. It can also be difficult, as a medical professional, to have the tools you need to benefit your patients. Our passion is to train skilled therapists and educate the medical community that they are there… thereby not only empowering doctors but providing the needed care to support breastfeeding for our children’s future.

This is a LECTURE ONLY Course meant specifically for Lactation Consultants, medical professionals, birth workers, and lay people. Anyone is welcome to take this course. It is approved for 4 L-CERP hours for Lactation Consultants.

*** This is not the course specifically designed for Chiropractors.

Our other course, The Anatomy of Breastfeeding – Lecture and Technique for Chiropractors – includes the PRACTICAL hands-on portion which compliments this course, and is designed only for Chiropractors and Bodyworkers wishing to learn technique

Once you have completed the course and passed the section exams, you will print your certificate of completion from this site to send to your state Board for CE processing.

What our students have to say!

"Dr. Gerner is deeply knowledgeable, clear and thorough. An excellent educator!"

Laurie Isenberg
Director of Postgraduate & Continuing Education,
Life Chiropractic College West

"I love it when I take a class that makes me stop, put down my pen, and say, 'I am done taking notes. I thought I knew something about this. But evidently I really, really, really don’t.' Lynn Gerner’ course, “Anatomy of Breastfeeding” did that for me... I am feeling so incredibly inspired! Mind completely blown!"

Dr. Caitlin Clarke, D.C.

"I recently completed the “Anatomy of Breastfeeding” course with Dr. Lynn Gerner — and it was AMAZING. If you are a Chiropractor looking to advance your cranial adjusting skills and increase your confidence when working with babies with feeding challenges - this course is for you! Dr. Gerner has a beautiful way of explaining everything in a clear and concise way. I highly recommend this course - you will love it!"

Jessica De Nooij, DC

"The Anatomy of Breastfeeding course is an absolute necessity for every healthcare provider that serves the nursing mother and infant. This is the best post graduate course I’ve taken! The course provided the most comprehensive information in an easy to learn(and enjoy) presentation AND immediate implementation skills to improve my patient care. The course developed a foundational understanding of the importance of breastfeeding, not only for optimum nutrition but life long health."

Marianne Abate-Beavers, DC, CACCP

"Dr. Lynn has a gifted ability to summarize anatomy, teach and simplify techniques that always seemed so complex, and correlate integrative care empowering the ability to serve at a higher level of competency. As a certified pediatric chiropractor, I believe this course is ESSENTIAL to understanding the anatomy and techniques skills necessary to promote a lifetime of wellness through chiropractic care."

Marianne Abate-Beavers, DC, CACCP



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