Hi… I’m Dr. Lynn Gerner.

I’ve been a Chiropractor and a Pediatric specialist for over 16 years. I’ve had the joy of caring for thousands of pregnant women and helping them to have safer, easier births. I’ve also had the honor to care for their babies, either as preventative wellness care, or to address issues such as poor breastfeeding, colic, or a myriad of other imbalances. This led me down a path of higher education to learn more about the causes of these issues; finding an absolute fascination with the cranial/sacral system and all of the infinite connections. As I immersed myself in the birth world and networked with doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, doulas, etc… hoping to gain referrals to help these little ones, I eventually realized that there are some huge barriers preventing the ideal collaboration of care.

One barrier is we do not have a collective understanding of each other’s discipline. The Nurse Midwife probably doesn’t know that a Chiropractor can address imbalances of the baby’s jaw for a better latch and suck. The Lactation Consultant may identify that there is a structural issue with the baby preventing him from nursing properly, but she may not have the anatomical knowledge to identify it. 

The other huge barrier is that, even if the birth professional identifies the issue AND knows that body work can help to correct it, there simply is not a continuity of care among all Chiropractors and Bodyworkers. WHO do they confidently refer these babies to? Not all therapists are trained properly to deliver skilled, effective care. Evidence based research of the effectiveness of this care isn’t widely circulated. We Chiropractors often do not have the confidence of other medical professionals so that we may apply our skills. 

The physical, neurological, and emotional benefits of breastfeeding are undeniable.

The physical limitations of the baby often make it so difficult to breastfeed, that Mom gives up. It’s so sad when help was there, but nobody made the referral! My driving passion is to bridge that gap- to train skilled therapists of all disciplines and to complete the circle of care. 

It’s SO worth it.

About the facilitator

Graduate: Life Chiropractic College West, 2004. Fellow, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and trained doula. Post Graduate faculty, Life Chiropractic College, West. Preferred Affiliate- Capital City Doula Collective, Sacramento, CA. Founding partner of The Good Life Collective, Davis, CA.

Dr. Gerner has been a Maternity and Pediatric Specialist in private practice for over 20 years with an additional focus on functional infant cranial work. She teaches other professionals to support breastfeeding across the USA and internationally. She is a wife, mother of 3 grown children, and lives in Northern CA with her husband and their 2 rescued dogs.

The Anatomy of Breastfeeding

What’s going on with the baby???

Our Mission at The Good Life Learning

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"Dr. Gerner is deeply knowledgeable, clear and thorough. An excellent educator!"

Laurie Isenberg
Director of Postgraduate & Continuing Education,
Life Chiropractic College West

"I love it when I take a class that makes me stop, put down my pen, and say, 'I am done taking notes. I thought I knew something about this. But evidently I really, really, really don’t.' Lynn Gerner’ course, “Anatomy of Breastfeeding” did that for me... I am feeling so incredibly inspired! Mind completely blown"!

Dr. Caitlin Clarke, D.C.