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The Anatomy of Breastfeeding

Types of courses

For Chiropractors and Bodyworkers

anatomy of breastfeeding the good life learning

Learn to identify cranial, spinal, muscular and dural imbalances relating to breastfeeding as well as how to specifically address them. Gain current research to validate your work. Become familiar with the scope of other birth professionals in order to collaborate, gain referrals and provide the overall best care for your clients.  Learn about anatomy of breastfeeding.

For Lactation Consultants and Birth Professionals

Learn specific infant anatomy in order to understand why your patient’s baby is struggling. Learn about the long term physical, emotional, and neurological implications of these issues. Learn about anatomy of breastfeeding. Become familiar with the scope of bodyworkers in order to provide the best support for your clients. Gain evidence based research to support your instincts.

For Breastfeeding

Gain resources to help you successfully breastfeed your baby without pain or struggle. Learn WHY breastfeeding is best. Why are you doing this? Understand how the alignment and
tone of your child’s body effects her development and long term health;
both neurologically and

"Dr. Gerner is completely changing the game for lip tie, tongue tie, and latch issues... If you're a professional who works with newborn feeding dysfunction, I can personally attest to the clinical difference that Lynn's seminar has made in our office. She's revolutionizing the approach and saving breastfeeding relationships in the process".

Dr. John Edwards, D.C, DACCP

"Dr. Gerner is deeply knowledgeable, clear and thorough. An excellent educator!"

Laurie Isenberg
Director of Postgraduate & Continuing Education,
Life Chiropractic College West

"I love it when I take a class that makes me stop, put down my pen, and say, 'I am done taking notes. I thought I knew something about this. But evidently I really, really, really don’t.' Lynn Gerner’ course, “Anatomy of Breastfeeding” did that for me... I am feeling so incredibly inspired! Mind completely blown!"

Dr. Caitlin Clarke, D.C.

"I recently completed the “Anatomy of Breastfeeding” course with Dr. Lynn Gerner — and it was AMAZING. If you are a Chiropractor looking to advance your cranial adjusting skills and increase your confidence when working with babies with feeding challenges - this course is for you! Dr. Gerner has a beautiful way of explaining everything in a clear and concise way. I highly recommend this course - you will love it!"

Jessica De Nooij, DC

"The Anatomy of Breastfeeding course is an absolute necessity for every healthcare provider that serves the nursing mother and infant. This is the best post graduate course I’ve taken! The course provided the most comprehensive information in an easy to learn(and enjoy) presentation AND immediate implementation skills to improve my patient care. The course developed a foundational understanding of the importance of breastfeeding, not only for optimum nutrition but life long health."

Marianne Abate-Beavers, DC, CACCP

"Dr. Lynn has a gifted ability to summarize anatomy, teach and simplify techniques that always seemed so complex, and correlate integrative care empowering the ability to serve at a higher level of competency. As a certified pediatric chiropractor, I believe this course is ESSENTIAL to understanding the anatomy and techniques skills necessary to promote a lifetime of wellness through chiropractic care."

Marianne Abate-Beavers, DC, CACCP

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Absolutely FREE

“Breastfeeding Made Simple(er)”

This 1 hour FREE course is for the parent struggling to feed, for the doctor or Lactation consultant to get quick, easy answers, and to educate anyone to help babies to breastfeed better! 

Included is a resource section with studies, articles and educational materials that you can use… absolutely FREE.

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