Personalized Coaching

I believe in the benefit of this incredible work
on the lives of our children.

For the past 20 years in my private practice, I have seen babies and families heal from birth trauma and resulting feeding challenges through gentle cranial and spinal adjustments.  My simple goal in starting my teaching journey was, and continues to be, to help chiropractors to UNDERSTAND the global patterns of movement of the infant spine and cranium and HOW to skillfully correct the subluxation.  The only way that infants receive the care they need, and then go on to breastfeed successfully… leading to healthier lives (both physically and emotionally) is if more chiropractors are properly trained to do this work.

As I continue to teach in many different avenues, I have received requests for private coaching.  I’ve been hesitant to do this in an organized way because of common stigmas surrounding some methods of business coaching.  In my experience, many coaches in the Chiropractic profession charge exorbitant rates and require long term commitments.  This often results in a financial burden to the recipient.
 Not get bogged down by it.

To meet this demand in an affordable and ethical way, I am offering my coaching services at a simple hourly rate.  There are no long-term commitments or contracts.  You pay as you go. I will not auto-debit your account.  You may choose a discounted package if you wish to do longer term coaching, but there are no obligations. The only commitments that I require of you is to- (1) Put in the time to study and master your craft, and (2) Love what you do and who you serve.

Get personalized
in the
areas of:


Class content and technique


Real case histories – What’s going on with the baby you saw this week?


Practice management- how to make this work for you and your practice.


At home care and education for your practice members


Connecting with other professionals for referrals and growth


Current research


So much more

Cost and Details

 *can be used in smaller increments


30 Minute Session



45 Minute Session



1 Hour Session


| All sessions must be scheduled in advance by email: [email protected]

| Minimum session time is 30 minutes. If the session runs past the scheduled time, an automatic 15-minute additional time ($25) will be added.

Discount Packages

 *can be used in increments as short as 30 minutes


4 hours



8 hours



12 hours



16 hours


| All sessions must be scheduled in advance by email: [email protected]

| All sales are final.  Prepaid packages have no expiration but are not refundable.  They can be used by a different doctor if desired (i.e. spouse or associate doctor).

| Can be used in increments as short as 30 minutes.

| Minimum session time is 30 minutes.  Any “over-time” will be billed at 15 minute increments or at the hourly rate most cost effective for you.


To make a positive impact on the world
one person at a time through our gifts of
Healing, Education, and Genuine Care.