ten A way to Say Breathtaking inside the Foreign language | Hermosa Definition & More
October 24, 2023

ten A way to Say Breathtaking inside the Foreign language | Hermosa Definition & More

Foreign-language was a lovely language, a familiar way of outlining someone or something just like the beautiful manage end up being Hermosa, definition “beautiful” and you can “gorgeous”.

In this post, we will delve into different methods for you to tell good captivating Spanish presenter you want the way they research playing with conversational Spanish . I will be discussing the difference in these adjectives such as Linda (lovely), Hermosa (gorgeous) and Bella (beautiful), and you may give an explanation for better items of their use.

In the event the smash reciprocates how you feel and you are ready to just take the next step it could be well worth learning to state I really like your inside Language .


Hermosa, meaning stunning, is actually a higher standard of charm than just something that you you are going to define since the very. It adjective from inside the Foreign language is oftentimes utilized whenever complimenting feminine. You can make use of so it keyword cautiously, due to the fact whenever used on feminine, it has got an effective seductive flair to help you they.

So it adjective is feminine, which means that it can just be accustomed determine an effective beautiful lady otherwise fairly girl, and also other Foreign-language nouns which can be feminine.

Bella / Bello

This really is a safe, all-mission Language adjective that can be used to help you indicate “beautiful” otherwise “lovely”. It is a while authoritative however it can also be establish anything from breathtaking some one, gorgeous attire, a beautiful take a look at, or an attractive head.

Guapa / Guapo

Which adjective essentially form “handsome” otherwise “beautiful” and it is almost solely familiar with establish a guy and actually really employed for gorgeous items otherwise locations. You are doing hear women are called Guapa, however it is usual to hear her or him being titled Bonita.

Mona / Mono

That it word has actually a plethora of other possible definitions. When put while the a keen adjective, it is frequently employed so you’re able to indicate “cute”, “nice” or “tender”. Utilize this word smartly since this Foreign language moniker may indicate “monkey”

Preciosa / Precioso

Which adjective is similar to the fresh new English term “precious”, but in Foreign language, in addition gets the meaning of “gorgeous”. That it phrase are often used to discuss some one otherwise things you imagine extremely stunning!

Atractiva / Atractivo

It adjective practically form “attractive”. It can be utilized when you look at the almost the same way just like the into the English to describe some body, towns and cities or things that are good-searching or tempting.

Chula / Chulo

That it adjective are an informal title definition “cute” otherwise “very.” Feminine relatives and buddies telephone call each other which word as an effective label away from endearment and dudes could possibly get label the female extreme anybody else this in the same, nice means.

Divina / Divino

That it adjective are a pleasant meaning, and also you probably won’t pay attention to it have a tendency to. It means “divine”; this might be, in accordance with Goodness. it is used to identify some body, objects, or cities with great beauty, as well as have pleasant people.


Some other adjective that is just as the English meaning “radiant” otherwise “beaming”. Additionally indicate “splendid” or “happy.” It is not simply restricted to describing people but urban centers otherwise things as well. It can be vital that you note There’s absolutely no masculine/women type because of it Language adjective.


This new translation of Foreign language adjective try “pleasant” otherwise wie man eine Chinesisch Braut bestellt “nice”. You can use it phrase to explain metropolitan areas, somebody, and you may objects but when you use this word to explain an excellent people, it mainly indicates that they’re “pleasant”. Here and additionally isn’t a male/women adaptation for this keyword.


So it term is derived right from the latest English definition “sexy”. This new spelling can differ and sometimes it’s created due to the fact Sexi in order to finest match Language spelling statutes. While this adjective is most often familiar with define a man, it’s also accustomed define such things as films otherwise gowns.

You happen to be Able getting a Language June away from Loving!

Congratulations, with the attractive, appealing and you will splendid adjectives you are on the right path in order to are a Spanish Casanova. It is essential to set all of that vocabulary to your practice plus the best method to accomplish this has been the assistance of Foreign language instructors .

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